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Vue 3 + FREE docs (Cheat Sheet). Full course. Quick start!

Vue 3 + FREE docs (Cheat Sheet). Full course. Quick start!

All Vue 3 features: Options API, Composition API, Script Setup… The Cheat Sheet and instructions on how to use it.

What you’ll learn

Vue 3 + FREE docs (Cheat Sheet). Full course. Quick start!

  • All Vue 3 features and knowledge: reactivity, interpolations, directives, Vue three application, single-file components, etc…

  • Different Vue 3 API styles: Options API Vue 3, Composition API Vue 3, Script setup Vue 3

  • Data flow Vue 3: props, events, provide/inject. Lifecycle hooks Vue 3

  • Vue 3 modern ecosystem: Router, Vuex, Pinia

  • The Cheat Sheet explanation – and how to work with it


  • Basic level of JS/HTML/CSS


  • The latest version of the Vue JS framework – Is vue3. A lot of examples and real-time coding.
  • You will learn how Vue 3 works under the hood, how to create Vue 3 components, and how to create Vue 3 applications.
  • Description Vue 3 Reactivity – fundamental ideas.
  • All possible features included in this course: Options API, Composition API, Script setup, Directives, Data flow, Lifecycle hooks, Props, Events, Slots, Watch, Computed, Provide/Inject, Special Components … etc.
  • You will face the modern Vue ecosystem: Router, Vuex, and Pinia.
  • The critical point is to share the Cheat Sheet with you – you can print it and use it to work with Vue 3 JS. You will get your own systemized documentation. In general, this course helps you to understand the Vue 3 framework and gives you robust cheat sheet information.
  • This course saves you time, so you don’t have to read much documentation.

You can start your new production projects with Vue 3 – the core and subprojects are ready to use. Vue is a JavaScript framework for creating complex web interfaces. It builds on top of standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and provides a declarative and component-based programming model that helps you efficiently develop user interfaces, whether simple or complex.

Who this course is for:

  • From Junior to Senior level
  • Who are interested in systematizing knowledge of Vue 3 and getting a useful Cheat Shee

Vue 3 + FREE docs (Cheat Sheet). Full course. Quick start!

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