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Ultimate Photoshop CS6 Editing Basics Essentials Made Easy

Ultimate Photoshop CS6 Editing Basics Essentials Made Easy

Super fast Photoshop Editing & Design, crush your ambitious design elements with CS6 manipulation simplicity

What you’ll learn

Ultimate Photoshop CS6 Editing Basics Essentials Made Easy

  • Photoshop Basics
  • Stamp Tool
  • Smush Tool
  • Magic Wand
  • Layer manipulation
  • Blur Tool
  • Photo Resizing
  • Canvas Editing


  • Photoshop CS6


Learn how to use Photoshop CS6 with just the essentials!

Learn how to use Photoshop CS6, the right way!

Start using Photoshop CS6 to edit photos and design beautiful graphics today!

Either you’re completely brand new to Photoshop, or played around with it and want to get more comfortable with Photoshop. Either way, this course will be great for you.

This full course is the best way to learn how to use the essentials.

Edit photos and design graphics the way you imagine them!

My approach is simple: we focus on real the tools that will get the job done. I have vetted and tested the best techniques that require minimal effort yet produce maximum results. All my content is focused on getting the job done in the least amount of time possible. All the content is explained for all users, no matter what version you have installed. Photoshop Elements is not compatible with this course.

You can make money as a graphic designer with these skills!

What is this Adobe Photoshop course all about?

In this complete guide to Adobe Photoshop, you’ll not only learn all of the editing tools available in Photoshop, but also how to design actual graphics you can use for your business, or for fun.

This course will cover everything you need to know to start, including:

  • Getting started with Photoshop
  • Navigating and customizing the workspace
  • Using the Photoshop layers panel
  • Editing RAW and non-RAW photos in Photoshop
  • Using selection tools

What will you learn?

  • Create new projects and share your work
  • Master layers and the layers panel
  • Move, select, and edit layers
  • Create and modify shapes
  • Remove issues and retouch 
  • Manipulate and repair photos with a blending process

Why is this course different?

  • Progressive difficulty: we start slow and we build our way up
  • Impeccable sound and video quality
  • Quality instructor support: I respond to most questions in under 12 hours
  • All lectures are straight to the point – minimal effort, maximum results
  • Learn by working, not by memorizing!

By the end of this course you will be able to use the program with ease. You’ll feel in control as you pursue and complete more ambitious projects.

Who this course is for:

Ultimate Photoshop CS6 Editing Basics Essentials Made Easy

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