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Practical Python, Scrapy, and Selenium Web Scraping Course

Practical Python, Scrapy, and Selenium Web Scraping Course

In less than an hour, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Python web scraping along with real-world Selenium and Scrapy use cases.

What you’ll learn

Practical Python, Scrapy, and Selenium Web Scraping Course

  • How to gather information for your articles, stock information, cryptocurrency exchange reserves, etc.
  • How to use well-known frameworks to scrape websites
  • Using sophisticated methods, such as scraping pictures, PDFs, graphics, etc.,
  • Save hours of research to get more knowledge faster.
  • The tried-and-true tool that will get you information from 95% of sites.


  • basic familiarity with Python.


Web scraping has grown to be a very common method for gathering information, which is not surprising given the massive quantity of data that is accessible on the internet. Web scraping may be a useful ability in your toolbox, whether you’re wanting to collect data for research purposes or information from a competitor’s website. You’ll learn all you need to know to start collecting data from any website with the help of this hands-on web scraping course. Consequently, if you’re prepared to begin studying web scraping, this course is for you.

The “Practical Web Scraping Course” is now an ongoing effort, so it will always be updated and will include the most recent techniques for parsing data. Additionally, you’ll quickly get answers to all of the questions you have. The following is a list of every concept you will ultimately study in this course:

  • Monitoring HTTP requests in real life
  • Basic BS4 scraping and library requests
  • Information about BS4 tools
  • Selenium scraping is done effectively
  • Video Overview of Selenium Tools
  • dealing with user sessions and authentication.
  • By evading the Captcha
  • Sifting through dynamic webpages
  • pagination and selenium.
  • HighCharts.JS scraping
  • To host your spiders, use Heroku.
  • Unfinished Introduction
  • Scrapy and DB integration.
  • [The items below will be included in the course’s subsequent module.]
  • Local hosts are hosting scrappy spiders.
  • To launch Scrapy spiders locally, use schedulers.
  • Tools for ethical scraping
  • Refrain from being blacklisted.
  • scraping of PDFs and images.
  • Continuous scraping

This training will enable you to:

  1. Learn how to scrape data using contemporary techniques to save time.
  2. Learn about the most recent scraping tools and procedures.
  3. Avoid falling into scams from anyone offering out-of-date training.
  4. Invest in a thorough and comprehensive education to get your money’s worth.

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers, data scientists, and fans of the open internet.